995 Unity Gym is a Movement Gym

How big an issue is weight loss at Unity Gym? Not big at all.

These are Unity Gym's priorities:

Weight loss is not a big issue, anyone can do it, you don't even need a gym for that ... if you want to lose weight, all you have to do is follow these five points:

1.   You will be told to do cardio exercises, which is good for losing fat ... you can pay a gym for running on their treadmill, but you can also buy a $15 skipping rope, go for a half hour run every day and skip for 60 seconds every 5 minutes or so; but remember: You must have worked up a sweat.

     (Ok, there is more to it, see below: muscle-mass loss & resistance training.)

2.   You need to eat a lot less than you’re eating now and you need to eat much better food … no junk food, no (or little) carbs, chips, pizza, fried chicken; instead fruit (not the sweet varieties), vegetables (the green stuff), salads.

3.   Importantly: No more sugar, no softdrinks, juices, cakes or sweet snacks ... instead water, a green apple, nuts and a stick of celery.

4.   Even more importantly: No more alcohol. If you really want to lose weight ... no more alcohol.

5.   And last not least, this is the most important point of all, as a matter of fact, this is the point where 90% of people fail: You need to discipline yourself. You need to muster all your willpower to do points 1 to 4 … if you do it and do it consistently, loss of about a quarter or a third of your bodyweight over a period of just two or three months is guaranteed. And if you stick to it ... your weight loss is permanent.

Let's say it once more:

1.   Cardio (& resistance training).

2.   Eat less, eat well.

3.   No sugar.

4.   No alcohol.

5.   Discipline.

However, there is one problem with losing weight: You do not just lose fat, but also muscle-mass, which needs to be counter-acted. So when losing weight, it is important to add resistance training to cardio, like weight lifting and calisthenics, where you re-build muscle-mass you likely lose along with losing fat.

So that's why Unity gym is a strength and movement gym. They will teach you to move for many reasons, but mainly for these 5: When you’re 40, 50, 60, 70 or 80 you want to be fit, strong and flexible; you want to be able to - later on in life - walk without help ... without a walking stick, a walking frame or a wheelchair. 

And should you - for whatever reason - lose your balance (you may slip on a bananaskin, as our grandfather-in-law did), you want to be able to recover yourself instead of falling over, breaking your pelvis, getting operated on, never recovering properly and dying (as our grandfather-in-law did).