1128 Sildenafil daily

Increased blood flow to the brain 

is a possible protection against dementia

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I had reason to go to doctor Google, and the news is all good … I had been taking ¼ tablet (25mg) for a long time and I asked my GP yesterday, if that was ok.

Not only is it ok, it is beneficial in many ways, and - importantly - with few (and only mild) side effects: Are There Benefits to Taking Viagra Daily? Healthline.


You may or may not have heard that Viagra, the little blue pill that resurrects sagging erections, is being touted as a potential prophylactic against Alzheimer’s.


It’s not a new idea. Research going back at least 20 years has suggested Viagra could be an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia and stroke.


In the latest study, researchers from a Cleveland Clinic analysed more than seven million insurance claims for prescriptions of a variety of drugs and looked at the rate of subsequent development of Alzheimer’s disease.


They found that prescriptions for sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra) were associated with a 69 per cent reduced risk of Alzheimer’s in claimants.


It’s an exciting idea because Alzheimer’s prevention is the holy grail, more so than finding an effective treatment - because damage to the brain from the disease can’t be reversed. It was also found to be more effective than other drugs that treat cardiovascular disease.

Here is what I found interesting: The story of blood-flow to the organs in our body.

On average each organ receives about 100ml of fresh blood supply every day ... not so the penis. It only receives blood when it is erect.

I take ¼ Sildenafil every night and then often wake up with an erection. 

That's good, for more reason than one ... that is the time when that organ is being rejuvenated.

It is probably obvious why one wants to take the pill in the evening   ;-) 

(Oh, btw ... discuss this issue with your doctor, only get the little blue pill on prescription ... avoid internet fakes.)