Joe Rogan, Neil Young, Spotify

Ok, one thing must be said right from the start ... Joe Rogan is a loose cannon, he’s controversial as all come out … but, hey, he’s also very articulate, funny and interesting (‘interesting’ probably is too bland a word for Joe!). I like Joe.

The Conversation: Who is Joe Rogan

and why does Spotify love him so much?

The New York Times: Spotify Defends Handling

of Joe Rogan Controversy Amid Uproar

Let me also be clear from the start: I do not believe that all opinions are equal.

I do not believe that free speech is a universal right in every respect; I have made that clear many times on my blog. For instance, it is not defensible to deny the Holocaust. Whenever that denial is presented as 'alternative opinion' it needs to be shut down ... no discussion entered into.


Oh boy, Joe, what have you done?! Mr. Rogan is being roasted in America for an even more deadly sin than CoViD mis-info: He actually used the "N" word ... there is no way he'd get away with that, even though - as he claims - he hasn't done so in years! The Guardian: Dwayne Johnson appears to withdraw Joe Rogan support after N-word video. The Washington Post:Joe Rogan apologizes for ‘regretful and shameful’ past use of the n-word

However, HOWEVER, that's not all. Please listen to what  Sam Harris  has to say one the issue, namely - while he says they are good friends - that Joe Rogan is not a racist; and furthermore, that the American condemnation of the use of the idiom "N....." has become pathological. Compelling stuff. Go Sam. Go Joe.


Anyway, I feel the same way about blatantly false 'opinions' on the topic of CoViD misinformation ... it must be called out for what it is: false. However, is this a black and white area? Neil Young believes so ... Joe Rogan doesn't. I guess we all have to make up our own individual minds; it's a conscience vote for sure.

As regards CoViD mis-info, Rogan has been guilty (I blogged about it before) ...

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has lost his mind

... and after I wrote that blog, I deleted Rogan from the list of links on my site.


Rolling Stone: Young Pulls Music from Spotify,

Blasts It as the ‘Home of Life-Threatening’ Covid Lies

Neil Young's letter on the issue: Neil Young Archives


Well, I have put Rogan back. I now feel that the whole Spotify controversy (as yet I don't use Spotify) is blown out of proportion ... the only positive aspect from the whole thing, in my opinion, is that it has shone a light on CoViD mis-info generally. I think Neil Young's reaction is somewhat dramatic, but - hey - that's Neil Young for you (my favourite solo musician; while The Stones are my favourite band).

SMH: On for Young and old:

why there can be only one winner

in Spotify’s Joe Rogan battle

engadget: Joe Rogan apologizes to Spotify

over backlash and promises to 'balance things out'

But now to The Rock. He's on record for saying, "Well articulated, Joe." I agree. However, it must be said that Rogan is a rough-nut, who practically does near to no research on the subjects he talks about and as a result often ends up waxing lyrical about stuff where he is - by any specialist's accounts - way out of his depth; but always entertainingly so.

Anyway, so how did Joe respond to the story? Here goes ...

The New Daily: Joe Rogan wins support from The Rock

in response to Spotify controversy

Controversial podcaster Joe Rogan has backed Spotify’s plan to add a content warning to any podcast episode that discusses COVID-19 after his show was criticised for spreading misinformation on vaccines.

Rock and roll legend Neil Young brought the issue to the fore last week when he issued Spotify an ultimatum over the false claims: Either they ditch Rogan’s podcast, or remove his music from the platform.

Young’s threat came after more than 270 US doctors and healthcare professionals warned Spotify in an open letter that Rogan’s show (The Joe Rogan Experience) was “promoting baseless conspiracy theories” about the pandemic.

And now Rogan has broken his silence on the issue - earning kudos from big names such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the process.


This is a hoot ... Russel Brand defending Joe Rogan. Yeah, man.