1094 When to AZ Second Dose?

The Conversation provides some clarity on the subject of the AstraZeneca vaccination issue, as to whether we should follow ScoMo's advice and bring forward the booster shot, if our doctor advises so.

Indeed, I asked my doctor ... and we decided for me to get the second shot now, about ten weeks after my first AZ shot. No side-effect symptoms to report.

To get the best protection from the AstraZeneca vaccine, you need at least 12 weeks between your first and second shot. Here are the stats:

A study found leaving less than six weeks between the initial shot and the booster gave 55.1% efficacy (protection from symptomatic disease).

Leaving 6-8 weeks between shots increased efficacy to 59.9%, and waiting 9-11 weeks, efficacy was 63.7%. However, if the gap was 12 weeks or longer efficacy jumped to 81.3%.

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The Conversation

Prime Minister Scott Morrison appeared to have made a “captain’s call” yesterday by encouraging people in New South Wales outbreak areas to have their AstraZeneca booster closer to eight weeks after their initial shot rather than wait for the generally recommended 12 weeks.

We would be encouraging the eight to 12-week second dose be done at the earlier part of that period […]. That is consistent with medical advice […] and given the risks to people from the outbreak in that area we believe it is important they get that second dose of AstraZeneca as soon as possible.

The official health advice from ATAGI, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation, remains most people have their booster shot at 12 weeks for optimal COVID protection, but under certain circumstances that can go down to four weeks. Those circumstances include imminent travel or if there’s a risk of COVID-19 exposure.

ATAGI’s concern, and that of some other vaccine experts, is if you have your booster shot earlier than 12 weeks, your body won’t develop enough immunity to reliably protect you from serious disease.