777 Happy Birthday to the Woodcarver of Balmoral

Today is Liz's 88th Birthday; indeed a milestone to celebrate. For the occasion we published her book: Liz Felton, the Woodcarver of Balmoral; see below for more on Liz's adventure in the world of publishing ...

The book has 41 pages, 19 in colour with a full page photo where one carving is opposite a blank page; a dust-jacket; silver embossing on the linen cover and a frosted fly-page before the inside title page.

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This is an update of blog 405 from a few years back. As it happened, about a month ago we were contacted by Jason Townsend, editor of The Woodcarvers Gazette ... the result is this article in the quarterly publication ... for the (Northern) Winter 2016; thanks, Jason

(click below for a printable pdf, or a pdf of the magazine; or purchase the issue [available soon]) ...


405 The Woodcarver of Balmoral

Liz Felton, the woodcarver of Balmoral, is retired now ... but she had been carving wood right into the ripe age of 83. Over the years she produced about a dozen and a half exquisite woodcarvings, under tuition from several (story above) wood carvers … check out all of her woodcarvings at (yes, there's more!) lizfelton.tumblr.com

Liz Felton is the woodcarver of Balmoral ...
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